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SPRINGS 15, BANGTAN UAE and SONE Corp.'s Zhilan Creative united to unveil the first BTS-inspired moving art in the region

A first-of-its-kind art exhibition that paid tribute to the phenomenal K-pop group BTS was on display in iconic locations across the country. Titled “BTS Meet Street Arts in the UAE”, the moving monument exhibition was an initiative of BTS UAE Army, the popular band's biggest fanbase in the country, with the hopes of raising attention to bring the group to perform in the UAE.


For the project to come to life, fans and supporters of BTS in the UAE and the region started to support the initiative since February. The first monument featured the works of “Kids of Arabia”, known for their vibrant colors and funky vibe.


Three day-long BTS nights from 20th (Thursday) to 22nd (Saturday) of May took place in Dubai's The Pointe area where the biggest fountain show played the song 'ON', along an exciting live painting and dance performance show to celebrate BTS comeback with a new track on the 21st.



Springs15 has supported the art project as the main organizer and sponsor of the event, and collaborated with Bangtan UAE to launch the project. As the artists and founders of SONE Corporation are huge supporters of BTS, the company managed the operations on-site under their Zhilan Creative label, now rebranded to Sone Studios.  

[Click on the picture above to have a look at the event highlights or visit:


The group of seven members is recognized as one of the biggest music acts in the world right now. BTS has inspired a lot of people through their music, messages and what they stand for and were even named as some of the most influential people in the world. Their incredible success made K-pop even more popular outside of Asia.


BTS last performed in the United Arab Emirates in 2016 as part of KCon Abu Dhabi and after their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour which brought them to Saudi Arabia in 2019, the ARMYs in the UAE have high hopes that they will be back to perform in the region.


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