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Zhilan Creative is an art and entertainment management company that inspires and connects consumers and media of different cultural backgrounds.


Fascinated by the ancient literature of the Far East from an early age, stories about the land of dragons and mystical tea boxes, Elizabeth Jacob, known as Ely, immersed herself into the poetry of Li Bai and Du Fu, and let her life be influenced by the philosophy of Confucius and Lao Tzu. 

This love of literature later spread to Chinese novels and ignited her desire to work in the Chinese publishing industry, as an author of the genre herself.

Delving deeper into Chinese customs, culture and heritage, with deeper understanding of the language and the people day by day, Ely has come to understand that in today’s everchanging world, traditional and national values must be preserved, as they give us a sense of identity.

She thought of her own mixed European origins, her own heritage, and what brought her joy and happiness in the early stages of her adult life, when things like acting, painting and dancing were an active part of her life. And thus, she has thought of searching for the same treasures in the Far East she feels so connected to.

Zhilan Creative was born out of a dream to bring cultures together, understanding between people, and happiness in everyone’s hearts, from young adults keen on entertainment to our parents and grandparents in love with theatre and opera. It aims to keep our heritage alive and prevent the connection to our roots from fading, by offering a deeper understanding of ourselves with every event and project it presents to the world. 


Ely paired with her childhood friend, Alexandra, for the self-same core values to congregate a team of talented individuals, connected by their creative minds and artistic sensibility, to bring unparalleled events to the world stage.

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