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UAE fans join the worldwide birthday celebrations of famous Chinese star - Xiao Zhan

Zhilan Creative hosted the fan birthday celebration for Chinese star, Xiao Zhan

Zhilan Creative, international entertainment, events, arts and culture company based in Dubai, has focused on the Chinese market since its conception. We aim to inspire and connect consumers and media of different cultural backgrounds, providing an array of services, from talent management to cross-cultured events of the seven arts.

Zhilan Creative's founder, Ely Jacob

October happens to be a very auspicious month. It coincides with Zhilan Creative's 1st Anniversary on the 16th, and our founder's birthday on the 21st. The company wishes to exchange the unique cultures of the UAE and China on this occasion and continue to introduce more outstanding Chinese artists to the UAE.

Xiao Zhan turns 29 on October 5

The month started with an organised birthday celebration honouring the popular Chinese celebrity, Xiao Zhan, hosted on Saturday night, October 3rd, at Nine Squares Restaurant, a well-known place among Chinese residents, in accordance with Covid19 regulations. Xiao Zhan is currently one of the most famous and valued stars from China. His huge international fanbase has never missed an important event, and with his 29th birthday on October 5th, joyful times are just around the corner. Celebrated with parties, events, light shows, expos and billboard ads worldwide, as long-time fans and supporters of the star, Zhilan Creative offered to host the Dubai party and an exciting online giveaway for lucky fans, held for 7 days starting from September the 30th, to celebrate with all the global fandoms.

The worldwide birthday celebration is attracting vast attention. In addition to Xiao Zhan being a top celebrity in China, he has also accumulated a high reputation overseas and amassed millions of supporters around the world. His celebrity status grows from being a talented artist with remarkable achievements in singing and acting. His famous drama “The Untamed” made his fame spread widely overseas. The actor visited Abu Dhabi in summer 2019 for a Harper’s Bazaar China photoshoot.

The singer and actor posed for Harper's Bazaar China in iconic Abu Dhabi locations

Before becoming a film and television celebrity, he was a professional interior designer, and has unique talents in the fields of painting and photography. These reasons inspire Zhilan Creative to introduce an outstanding talent to the UAE on the occasion of his birthday and the special moment of Zhilan's 1st Anniversary. This will hopefully lead the UAE to artists from different countries and different forms of expression, as we all agree that arts and culture have a wider and measurable impact on our economy, health and wellbeing, society and education.

The UAE is about to enter a comfortable autumn and winter season during which all entertainment activities become more alive. With the ability Zhilan Creative has to promote cultural exchanges, we can connect the Middle East with international artistic performers, for the UAE to experience more of Chinese fashion, art, cultural and entertainment exchanges events. Zhilan Creative facilitates close interactions between different cultures and creates potential business opportunities for the UAE to expand beyond the horizon, under the close relationship between the UAE and China.


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